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No Smoke Without a Fire - Part 67 - Supernatural Obsessives

About No Smoke Without a Fire - Part 67

Previous Entry No Smoke Without a Fire - Part 67 Jan. 15th, 2008 @ 08:27 pm Next Entry

“Now it’s time for you to leave,” he said. “If I see you around me again, I will file a personal protection order against you. Oh, and that means, you’ve got two weeks to get out of the house, because I’m moving back in when I return from this trip. There will be a security team on your – make that MY - doorstep when you get back. They know what’s yours and what’s mine. You are going to pack up your shit and your shit only and get the hell out of my house. Are we clear?”

“I can’t believe you’re going to do this,” Holly said. “You’re going to make me leave the house? But I love the house. You can move back in if you want to –“

“Oh for god’s sake, shut up,” Alex said, losing her self-control. “What part of ‘scram’ don’t you get?”

Holly rounded on her with a sudden hateful fury.

“I’m going to find a way to get you,” she snapped. “You ruined my marriage. I don’t know how you sleep at night.”

“I sleep pretty well, and not alone either,” Alex said with humor. “This marriage was shot long before I ever showed up. You know it, and I know it. Most importantly, the lawyers know it. I’m a non-factor.”

“No, this is your fault,” Holly said, getting in Alex’s face. “Everything was fine until you showed up.”

Alex fixed her with piercing eyes.

“You mean he stayed at home by himself in front of the TV, while you rode your boss like a freakin’ pony?” Alex said. “Well, yeah, I had a hand in getting him to see what he’d gotten himself into. I’ll take credit for removing the rose-colored glasses.” She gave the redhead a saucy smirk. “And other things.” She was enjoying the gloating far too much.

“I’m going to ruin you and the stable you work for,” Holly snarled. “The whole thing is going down.”

“You mean, like you do?” Alex said, eyes glinting dangerously at the threat to the stable.

“Holly, I’m warning you, you don’t want to-“ Nick started and then sighed when Holly slapped Alex.

Alex’s reaction was pure reflex. She popped Holly right in the face.  Holly dropped to the ground, blood pouring from her nose, all over her DKNY ensemble. She glared in shock at the other woman.

“We’re done,” Alex said coolly. “Get up and get out, and if you come near me again, I’ll hit you again. Only harder.”

Holly staggered to her feet, wiping blood off her face.

“I’ll file assault charges,” she said.

“And then you’ll see I have witnesses to testify you came after me first after stalking me and trying to kill me by running me off the road,” Alex said without missing a beat. “This could get messy, and you don’t have all of Nick’s money behind you anymore. Wanna risk it? I can work you through your dough in no time flat.”

Holly gave Alex a look that could kill, stood up with her hand over her nose and got back into her SUV, roaring off while pressing a tissue to her face. As she drove off, Sunny, Sam and Dean came outside. They were all grinning.

When Holly had gone, Alex clutched her fist in her other hand and sank to the ground, wincing in pain.

“Ow ow ow,” she said, nursing her hand. “God, it really does hurt to hit somebody.”

“I told you,” Nick said mildly. He knelt down to examine her hand, then gently kissed her knuckles. “That was pretty impressive, though. I wish I’d videotaped it. I would watch it over and over again.”

“She’s got a hard head,” Alex said, shaking her fingers. “And with my bad hand too. Oh, what was I thinking? I’ve never hit anybody before in my life.”

“You were thinking she deserved it,” Nick said. “Besides, you reacted to the threat. That’s what I taught you.”

“She’s not a demon - I didn’t have to punch her,” Alex said.

“I’m glad you did,” Nick said, and smiled at her. “A slap would have been fuel to her fire. This way you just shut her down. She’s afraid of you.”

“If she saw me now she wouldn’t be,” Alex said, wincing as Nick gently massaged her hand.

Dean made an icepack and gave it to Alex without saying a word, but when she looked up to thank him for it, he gave her a grin that said he approved.


When the ice had melted and Alex’s knuckles had returned to their normal shade, she and Nick said it was time for them to go. Doug had already been on Nick’s cell twice with questions, including “How many rooms should I get for the two of you?” When Nick said, “Just one,” Doug responded with a sigh and said, “It’s about fucking time.” And Alex had said, “We have a lot to discuss between here and Lexington, so we should get going,” and gave Nick a look that said he wasn’t escaping. He didn’t look the least bit upset by the idea.

“I know I say this every time, but you guys take care of yourselves,” Alex said, hugging both Sam and Dean tightly. “I will keep worrying about you regardless.”

“You take care of yourself, wild woman,” Dean retorted, snapping his finger against the brace. “You managed to get yourself into a lot of trouble in a very short time. I expect updates on the next demon you have to kiss.”

“You’re not even going to read the email!” Alex said in an exasperated tone.

“But Sammy will tell me all about it,” Dean said, slapping his brother on the arm. “And if you send pictures I’ll definitely look.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her and she laughed.

“I’ll make him read at least a few emails,” Sam promised Alex. “Even without pictures.”

“If I have any say, there will be no more demon-kissing,” Nick said but he grinned. His handshake to the brothers turned into the shake/half-hug/back slap men do while trying to show caring but still be manly.

“Come by and see us whenever you can,” Alex said. “You’re always welcome, you know that, right? Nick’s house is big enough for company.”

“We do,” Sam said, and they said their goodbyes to Sunny, thanking her for her hospitality.

“And you’re welcome back here anytime,” she said. “I’ll miss having a full house when you’re gone.”

Then Alex and Nick got into Nick’s truck and Alex waved until they were out of sight.


Sam closed the trunk and Dean picked up his jacket and put it on. He paused, and lifted the collar to his nose.

“What’s the matter?” Sam asked, perplexed by the look on his brother’s face.

“Nothing,” Dean said, and got into the car. He didn’t want to tell Sam that the coat smelled very faintly like apples.

It always would.



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