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April 8th, 2008 - Supernatural Obsessives

About April 8th, 2008

Site Notice 10:43 am
I received an email the other day asking me to repost the author site page info, so here it is:

Skye's stories are now available at http://evilsammysgirl.livejournal.com

Sukayro's stories are now available at http://sukayro.livejournal.com

Heath's stories are now available at http://heyheath30.livejournal.com

Alex's stories will be posted here and at http://afleetalex.livejournal.com

I realize the number of stories has gotten a bit hard to navigate, so this weekend I'm going to try to set up a site index. I don't think LJ communities will allow a permanent sticky post like I have on the evilsammysgirl site, but I should be able to at least put a link on the sitebar directing to the index. Of course that means I better stop being a slacker and keep them updated.

I hope ;)

I should also try to remember to move over the SN mood theme I have for the other sites.

I just wanted to give ya'll the heads up in case you try to post something this weekend and come upon my construction dust!

Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: "I Have Not Been To Oxford Town" - David Bowie
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