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Welcome to the Supernatural Obsessives site. Posting is locked to members only to ensure the friendly, fun atmosphere we The Obsessed have become accustomed to. If you would like to be added, please contact the moderator.

This community began on another site that had a bad habit of arbitrarily editing our posts, eating our FanFic, and censoring our well-meaning if somewhat overzealous enthusiasm for what is without a doubt the best show on TV. So we basically said, "Screw that!" and created our own domain.

This would be that.


Due to the popularity of this site and the prolific tendencies of our writers, this format has become somewhat unwieldly as a catch-all for all SnOb fanfic. While posters are welcome to continue to use this site and no content will be removed, please note that to make things a bit more managable, the following authors have moved:

Skye's stories are now available at http://evilsammysgirl.livejournal.com

Sukayro's stories are now available at http://sukayro.livejournal.com

Heath's stories are now available at http://heyheath30.livejournal.com

Alex's stories will be posted here and at http://afleetalex.livejournal.com

Thank you for your feedback on our work. We look forward to catching you on our other sites as well :)